The Scotsman - Alison Kerr - 24th July 2017

"Leading the charge on Friday and shaking the dust off the early jazz repertoire was Edinburgh-based American singer Alison Affleck, whose informative and sassy introductions to the songs ensured that the audience was receptive and entertained even before she began singing. [...] where she particularly excelled on Friday was as a musical storyteller. St James Infirmary and The Black-Eyed Blues were stand-outs because Affleck didn’t just churn out the lyrics; she used them to bring the characters mentioned in these songs to life, and to create atmosphere and drama. "

BBC Jazzhouse

“Ali Affleck is not a household name yet- but I think she soon will be” […] “Ali sings with the same kind of élan and swing that is very evident in the recordings of a certain Billie Holiday. Now this is high praise indeed but I can assure you that it is entirely accurate. I can think of no other young singer of Scottish Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award."

Orange County Weekly

"Ali is Scotland's bonafide Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues - she means every word she sings! With such raw emotion in a performance you immediately feel engaged in the most intimate conversation shared by the most well travelled soul, this girl must have been there the first time these songs were performed, heck she probably wrote the darn tunes!"
"Ali"carries you to deep majestic places brimming with optimism before turning the tide, the air is engulfed with shattered moods of absolute despair" 


Southside Advertiser - July 2017

"***** Affleck has not only the vocal abilities to give period authenticity to the songs from this period, but also a deep love of them and the original performers and an instinctive feeling for many of the stories that these early songs weave [...] an infectious enthusiasm for not only the music, but the spirit of it that, despite the gloom of some of the stories, lifted everyone’s spirits for an hour or so ."

Union Tribune

"One of the most distinctive voices on the Scottish Jazz Scene - full of character, passionate and stunningly expressive" – The San Diego Union Tribune 

The Herald

"with a septet that shuffles and swings along with a panache that blends vintage jazz with joyful immediacy…Best Jazz Vocalist in the Scottish Jazz Awards, Affleck has a vivacious stage presence and a vocal style which Affleck’s voice is sinuous, not least in the slinky poise of Stars Fell on Alabama, while “the second most depressing song in jazz” – You Let Me Down – got the full panoply of jazz age melodrama, with mute trombone and melancholy clarinet. Music from another time and place, certainly, but which puts smiles on the faces of the here and now”- Jim Gilchrist

Grandson of Composer Ralph Ranger

"“I just listened to your beautiful recording of Easy Living that you posted on Soundcloud. My grandfather, Ralph Rainger, composed that song in 1937. I think he would have greatly enjoyed the wonderfully effortless way you sing, and the timbre of your voice suits the tune so well. Your fellow musicians are terrific too. I have heard many versions of this tune, but yours struck me as so ‘right’.” – A. Kellar - Grandson of ‘Tin Pan Alley’ master , Ralph Rainger.


"Her vocals take you to a new place- somewhere between New Orleans and Paris!" - Dave Scott

Broadway Baby

"Ali Affleck has a beautiful tone, whether in up tempo numbers, ‘With Thee I Swing’ or sadder slower tracks like 'Stormy Weather'. What’s more, her stage manner as front woman is impeccable" -  Tom King, Broadway Baby August 24th 2013

Fringe Review 2017

"it’s clear why Affleck was voted ‘Best Jazz Vocalist 2014’, a prestigious award from the Scottish Jazz Federation.  This is a voice that really has got the lot – control, power throughout her tremendous range, subtlety when the lyrics and music demanded it and the clarity of cut glass...Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone was the rousing finale.  But, rest assured, we’ll all be talking about this talented singer and her cohort of musicians for a very long time to come.  Ali Affleck has a big future.  Go along and enjoy a part of it whenever you can.  Highly recommended listening for any blues, jazz or appreciator of good music."- Tim Wilcock

Falkirk Jazz Festival - October 2016

"with a constant twinkly-eye contact à la Peggy Lee with the appreciative audience in The Loft at Behind The Wall, Ali Affleck shone like the star she is (or soon will be) from her opening “creepy love song” Me, Myself And I (Are All in Love With You) right through to her rousing curtain call A Good Man Is Hard To Find from The Copper Cats’ recent album Serendipity [...]her exuberant performance was ably complimented and matched by a fine array of musicians, most notably Colin Steele on trumpet whose blistering solos and inventive duets with trombonist Chris Grieve and banjoist and guitarist Ross Milligan were a joy. 

the highlight for me was their goosebump-raising rendition of La Vie En Rose made famous by Edith Piaf from which the English translation of the lyric “Je vois la vie en rose” perfectly sums up the affect Ali Affleck and The Copper Cats had on their sold-out and appreciative audience" - Peter Alexander

Edinburgh 49

"Outstanding *****
A masterclass in real grassroots jazz in every sense of the word...

Her voice was deep and smooth and I wanted to just wrap myself up in it. It was a real privilege to witness a singer that channels Billie Holiday with so much charm and poise. Affleck’s high notes sparkled in Electric Chair Blues, and this was the moment that I really felt like I had been transported to a basement jazz bar somewhere in old-school, downtown New Orleans. And that’s where I stayed for the rest of this gig. 

While Affleck’s vocals were mesmerising, this was far from a solo show. Dick Lee on the clarinet was stunning in his riffs and runs, as was Colin Steele on the trumpet. Indeed, the band showed great togetherness and comradery (with a hint of friendly competition in trying to outdo each other in some of the improvised sections), so there was always something interesting happening visually as well as the stunning soundscape.  A real treat for all jazz lovers, catch them while (and where!) you can."

Heart of the Art - Las Vegas

 "...the lady that surely must be Scotland’s best kept secret in jazz and blues" 
 As a self confessed ‘Vintage vocalist’ it is easy to see why Ali Affleck earned her award of ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in 2013 - very few singers these days can tether their vocal ability to their crystal clear communicative emotions and to that end, Ali is absurdly gifted. She has an exuberant and virtually pitch perfect delivery with rich, powerful tones that pack a serious punch in all of her bluer numbers. 
Her vocal range is vast and this is exhibited particularly well with her trumpet toned ‘head voice’ as it effortlessly adds the right amount of perk to all of the early Billie Holliday tunes. Ali’s stage craft is exceptional, and with her gorgeously character-full and distinctive voice and mischievous presence it is very hard to divert your eyes from her!  When pushed to make comparisons ( and I always am!)  I would best describe Ali as Billie Holiday meets a heavy dose of Patti Page and Julie London, as odd a combination as that may seem it is right on the money!

Ali possesses a supple, powerful and hugely unique voice and it is absolutely her own; such a breath of fresh air in a sea of mimics and easy listening vocalists! It is this gals opinion that it is only a matter of time until Ali acquires her own Jazz Diva status, and with such a solid band behind her it surely won't take long!