The Scotsman - Alison Kerr - 24th July 2017

"Leading the charge on Friday and shaking the dust off the early jazz repertoire was Edinburgh-based American singer Alison Affleck, whose informative and sassy introductions to the songs ensured that the audience was receptive and entertained even before she began singing. [...] where she particularly excelled on Friday was as a musical storyteller. St James Infirmary and The Black-Eyed Blues were stand-outs because Affleck didn’t just churn out the lyrics; she used them to bring the characters mentioned in these songs to life, and to create atmosphere and drama. "

BBC Jazzhouse

“Ali Affleck is not a household name yet- but I think she soon will be” […] “Ali sings with the same kind of élan and swing that is very evident in the recordings of a certain Billie Holiday. Now this is high praise indeed but I can assure you that it is entirely accurate. I can think of no other young singer of Scottish Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award."

Orange County Weekly

"Ali is Scotland's bonafide Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues - she means every word she sings! With such raw emotion in a performance you immediately feel engaged in the most intimate conversation shared by the most well travelled soul, this girl must have been there the first time these songs were performed, heck she probably wrote the darn tunes!"
"Ali"carries you to deep majestic places brimming with optimism before turning the tide, the air is engulfed with shattered moods of absolute despair" 


Southside Advertiser - July 2017

"***** Affleck has not only the vocal abilities to give period authenticity to the songs from this period, but also a deep love of them and the original performers and an instinctive feeling for many of the stories that these early songs weave [...] an infectious enthusiasm for not only the music, but the spirit of it that, despite the gloom of some of the stories, lifted everyone’s spirits for an hour or so ."

Union Tribune