Best Jazz Vocalist 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 - Scottish Jazz Awards Nominee 
Best Jazz Vocalist 2014 - WINNER - Scottish Jazz Awards 
Emerging Artist 2014 - Scottish Jazz Awards Nominee

I can think of no other young singer of Scottish Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award. ”

— BBC Jazzhouse

Ali Affleck is not a household name yet- but I think she soon will be” […] “Ali sings with the same kind of élan and swing that is very evident in the recordings of a certain Billie Holiday. Now this is high praise indeed but I can assure you that it is entirely accurate."- BBC Jazzhouse. 

"Scotland's Bonafide Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues - she means every word she sings! With such raw emotion in a performance you immediately feel engaged in the most intimate conversation ... Ali carries you to deep majestic places brimming with optimism before turning the tide; the air is engulfed with shattered moods of absolute despair" - OCWeekly

 "OUTSTANDING - A real masterclass in grassroots Jazz. Her voice was deep and smooth and I wanted to just wrap myself up in it. It was a real privilege to witness a singer that channels Billie Holiday with so much charm and poise." - Edinburgh 49 

 " Where she particularly excelled was as a musical storyteller. St James Infirmary and The Black-Eyed Blues were stand-outs because Affleck didn’t just churn out the lyrics; she used them to bring the characters mentioned in these songs to life, and to create atmosphere"- The Scotsman