Few jazz bands can boast an award winning vocalist, but there again, few bands have such an enigmatic presence as Ali Affleck, winner of the acclaimed 'Best Jazz Vocalist in Scotland' award  in the prestigious 2013/14 Scottish Jazz Awards, 'Best emerging artist ' 2014 and Best Vocalist finalist 2017!
Ali Affleck leads three bands -'The Gin Mill Genies','Bedlam Swing' and 'The Copper Cats' and she frequently hosts her trademark 'Speakeasy Sessions' at Edinburgh's Famous 'The Jazz bar' on Chambers Street. The Speakeasys are fun filled events that feature the country's finest musicians performing together in all kinds of combinations! 

The Bedlam Swing band ranges in size from a trio to a septet with a repertoire that ranges from the 1920s to the 1950s with many standards from the Great American Songbook.. Ali maintains a refreshing authenticity that nods true to the evocative and slightly cheeky attitude of the early ‘Jazz Age’, when Dixieland and ‘Hot’ Jazz were in very much vogue.  
The Copper Cats perform a large amount of traditional New Orleans Blues with songs associated with Bessie Smith, Mildred Bailey,  Ma Rainey, Merline Johnson, Hattie Hart and The Memphis Jug Band.  With a hugely varied set-list, the Copper Cats repertoire ranges from saucy and fun to dark and sinister and due to her 16 years living in the USA, Ali has amassed an enviable collection of  rare old Southern Blues - songs that are rarely heard outside of the Crescent City of New Orleans itself.

Ali knows the 'Vintage' thing inside and out; she has been running her  'Speakeasy Sessions' in both the UK and USA  for over a decade and she is also a Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer - this makes her qualified in that she  completely understands what swing dancers want!  With a balanced mix of tempos suitable for different swing styles and dancer ability; with some saucy old school Blues thrown in for variety- all the bases are covered! Ali offers a BIG BIG sound that can fit pretty much any budget and she can switch  the band line up to suit every event -a serious boon to any Festival,  Swing dance, Vintage event or Corporate occasion.

 Pitch perfect, passionate, expressive, unique, refreshing, swinging and above all, totally unpretentious...Ali Affleck is the real deal - a bona fide Jazz and Blues vocalist with a heartfelt vintage twist. 

The Musings (and occasional moanings) of Ali Affleck...

EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 2017!!!  SIX unique show runs!!

 and with some lovely recent views including this amazing title of "Scotland's bonafide Queen of vintage jazz and blues " ( ocweek) i feel a massive sense of responsibility! but I am ready for it!  

All star Scottish band will be Featured on every show! every show has a totally different setlist! and there is a 10% discount for those who attend than one show! 

I have spent years researching and building up to this years Edinburgh debut of  'The Birth Of the Blues ' two part show... I have uncovered such wonderful stories and wonderful forgotten songs... i cant wait to share them! 

The Birth of the Blues! - The Preaching Divas..... ...Part one of the amazing real life blues journey from 1800s to early 1900s! New Orleans, southern blues and gospel  

The Birth of the Blues! - The Divine Divas .........Part two! - 1900s to 1930! The ladies of this new music called the 'blues' lay the way for birth of jazz! 

As usual i present the wild party that is The Speakeasy! with me my trusted Copper Cats! 

The Speakeasy Sessions - One Night in New Orleans..... 
THIS IS A RIOT! Ali and the acclaimed Copper Cats band transport you to the prohibition era! 

I am steeling myself for Angels /Demons  - it is a very emotionally charged show and each song is very close to my heart.. I will try not to cry ! 

Adoring Angels / Despairing Demons - The Greatest songs of Love and Loss 
.......highly emotional and soul caressing performance with an intimate jazz trio.  

And no fringe festival can pass without my paying homage to the incomparable Lady in Satin.... 

Billie Holiday - a Celebration in Song....  
.....a heartfelt exploration of Lady Day's contribution to jazz and blues  

And thrilled as ever i am to be with my lovely friend Dick Lee :)  

The Dick Lee Swingtet ........thrilled to work with Scotlands reeds maestro Dick lee - gypsy jazz flavours and simply swinging musicality  

Hope to see you at one of these shows! x

Scottish Jazz Awards 2017!! 

Thrilled to be nominated again as ' Best Vocalist'  in the prestigious Scottish Jazz Awards!

I won this award in the 2013/14 awards....and it would be amazing to win again this year!
it is a public vote so if you have enjoyed my work and any of my bands (live shows, Cds, Collaborations and Swing dance band performances)  so far then do please vote for me :)  Also, my long time musicians pals and band members Colin Steele and Steve Hamilton are also nominated!

I will be performing in the Glasgow Jazz Festival ( of which the awards is a part) so do come along to that show if you can too!
Link to the voting form is below:

USA Tour! 

Getting ready for my 8 date USA tour in California and New York City!!!

updates will follow :) EXCITED!!!

STV show! 

I was delighted to have been asked to perform on STV Edinburgh - Here are a couple links to what we did :)

Egyptian Ella - https://www.facebook.com/STVEdinburgh/videos/883708568332826/

Dream a Little Dream - https://www.facebook.com/STVEdinburgh/videos/883800408323642/


jazz festivals! 

Delighted to be performing at the Edinburgh jazz festival this year! The Copper Cats will be in the speigeltent on the evening of July 21st :)

...Another Amazing Review!! 

 At this years Edinburgh Fringe I popped into the award winning Jazz Bar to catch a performance by an award winning vocalist - Ali Affleck with Vieux Carre and the Copper Cats. Ali informs the crowd that we came on “a special night” as it was the band’s final “Fringe run’ gig, and in the standing room only bar I settled down to hear the lady that surely must be Scotland’s best kept secret in jazz and blues.
  Vieux Carre (the collective title for her band)  proves to be the perfect frame for Ali’s exciting repertoire. Of particular note are Mr Lee on reeds and Mr. Greives on trombone, they offered a sensitive and extremely responsive punctuation to every song. Mr Davis on guitar pulled out some ‘slick as you like’ solos and the bassist added pulsing authority to the stage. Mr .Norman on piano, although somewhat hidden in the background at times, brought some seriously full bodied action to the mix.
Ali is definitely a lady of two ‘styles’ – jazz and blues flow smoothly through her with equal fluency. As a self confessed ‘Vintage vocalist’ it is easy to see why Ali Affleck earned her award of ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in 2013. She has an exuberant and virtually pitch-perfect delivery with rich, powerful tones that pack a serious punch in all of her bluer numbers. Her vocal range is vast and this is exhibited particularly well with her trumpet toned ‘head voice’ as it effortlessly adds the right amount of perk to all of the early Billie Holliday tunes. Ali’s stage craft is exceptional, she has a warm and mischievous presence and it is very hard to divert your eyes from her!  When pushed to make comparisons (and I always am!)  I would best describe Ali as Billie Holliday meets a heavy dose of Patti Page and Julie London- as odd a combination as that may seem it is right on the money!
Ali is spookily like Lady Day when performing ballads, (in Stars Fell particularly) However Ali is certainly NOT one of the ‘copy-cat gang’, you know the type-  the singers who spend all their days attempting to mimic the great Jazz divas without allowing their own voice to shine through. No Sir, not this lady!
Ali possesses a supple, powerful and hugely unique voice and it is absolutely her own; such a breath of fresh air in a sea of mimics and easy listening vocalists! It is this gals opinion that it is only a matter of time until Ali acquires her own Jazz Diva status, and with such a solid band behind her it surely won’t take long!
- K.Peterson  ‘Heart of the Art’ 


Our BBC Showcase! 

Super exciting day yesterday! I performed with my and band The Copper Cats at the BBC Potterow tent! It was a live broadcast!!   see it here on iplayer -    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p024qft9

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The Jazz Bar Speakeasy

The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Our fabulous Speakeasy! with special guests and a guaranteed joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans! We got all the bases covered for all you Swing dancers

The Jazz Bar Speakeasy

The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Our fabulous Speakeasy! with special guests and a guaranteed joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans! We got all the bases covered for all you Swing dancers

The Jazz Bar Speakeasy

The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Our fabulous Speakeasy! with special guests and a guaranteed joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans! We got all the bases covered for all you Swing dancers