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Ali Affleck – Scotland's "Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues"(ocweekly)
Ali was awarded the prestigious award of ‘Best Jazz Vocalist 2014' by the Scottish Jazz Federation, and with her three bands The Gin Mill Genies, Bedlam Swing and The Copper Cats, Ali has earned a solid reputation as the ‘go to’ vocalist for authentic Vintage Jazz and Blues.  
With constant comparisons to Billie holiday, Peggy Lee and June Christy, Ali Affleck loves to share the stage and revels in the artistry of her band.
Her distinctive vocals have been described as “stunningly expressive” -San Diego Union Tribune but it is Alison’s sensitive and passionate handling of the lyrics that really stands her apart from other vocalists today … “I can think of no other young singer of Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award.”- BBC Jazzhouse, Wednesday 6th November 2013.
The Gin Mill Genies, Bedlam Swing and The Copper Cats all have an energetic and lively Vintage Jazz repertoire, - a mixture of 1920s through to 1950s jazz, with many of the Great American Songbook standards in the set.
Bedlam Swing repertoire is vast and covers both the well known standards and more obscure jazz songs with sophistication and prowess. However the band's speciality lies with rare old forgotten gems from early Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Fats Waller, Annette Hanshaw and Ethel waters - delightful songs that have somehow been passed over for decades.
The Gin Mill Genies repertoire is centered areoudn teh friendly and cheeky piano centric Gospel, Early blues and jazz from up to the end of the prohibition era
The Copper Cats perform a larger amount of traditional New Orleans Blues in their repertoire with songs associated with Bessie Smith, Mildred Bailey, Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, Merline Johnson, Hattie Hart and The Memphis Jug Band.

Due to her 16 years living in the USA , Ali has amassed an enviable collection of Jazz standards, along with some rare old Southern Blues - songs that are rarely heard outside of the Crescent City of New Orleans itself.
Both Ali Affleck and Vieux Carré and Ali Affleck and The Copper Cats offer up a fresh interpretation of early jazz and blues whilst remaining faithful to the meaning behind the songs.
Ali is a keen ‘lindy hopper’ and due to this she can offer an unparalleled performance for any swing dance event – as a dancer herself she knows exactly what the swing dance community want  to hear and due to this the band have developed a strong swing dance community following.
Ali has been invited to perform live at the BBC twice and has also performed with the Brian Kellock Trio, The Ken Mathieson Classic Jazz Orchestra and a whole host of highly respected musicians.  
Both Vieux Carré and The Copper Cats feature a dizzying line up of award winning musicians and at the 2013 Scottish Jazz Awards Ali Affleck was nominated as 'Best Emerging Artist' and 'Best Ensemble' with their album 'Le Debut' being shortlisted in the category of  'Jazz Album of the Year, 2013'
“Ali Affleck is not a household name yet- but I think she soon will be” […] “Ali sings with the same kind of élan and swing that is very evident in the recordings of a certain Billie Holiday. Now this is high praise indeed but I can assure you that it is entirely accurate.” – Stephen Duffy, BBC Jazzhouse.
Clients include: 
Rolex, The Ryder Cup, The Balmoral Hotel, The Waldord Astoria, The Scotsman Hotel, Gleneagles, The BBC, Hospitalfield Jazz, The Glasgow Jazz Festival, Aberdour Festival, Jazz Scotland, Croces (San Diego), Dizzys (San Diego) Panama 66 (San Diego) The 3MM Company (San Diego), Lestats (San Diego) The Casbah (San Diego) Fritzels (New Orleans) Swing 46 (NYC) Metropolitan Room (NYC)

Ali Affleck - Vocalist

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Below are some of the gang from the bands ... absolutely outstanding musicians who create our trademark sound.

Tom Davis - Guitar

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Chris Greive- Trombone

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Dick Lee - Reeds/Sax

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Danielle Price - Tuba

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Duncan Findlay - Guitar

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Colin Steele- Trumpet

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