Ali Affleck is not a household name yet- but I think she soon will be” […] “Ali sings with the same kind of élan and swing that is very evident in the recordings of a certain Billie Holiday. Now this is high praise indeed but I can assure you that it is entirely accurate. ”

— BBC Jazzhouse

Ali won the award of ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in the 2014 Scottish Jazz Awards, and that same year she was nominated as 'Best Emerging artist ' and for the 'Best Jazz Album'.

Ali was nominated again in the 2017 as Scottish Jazz Awards as 'Best Jazz Vocalist'. 

..and she is nominated again in this years 2018 Scottish Jazz awards as 'Best Vocalist'.

An early jazz historian and leader to three bands, Ali has earned a solid reputation as the ‘go to’ vocalist for authentic trad Jazz and prohibition era blues.  She is a resident musician at Edinburgh's Famous Jazz bar on Chambers Street and this is where she hosts her trademark 'Speakeasy Sessions’ - high energy events that feature the countries finest musicians performing trad jazz, swing and blues - a favourite for the swing dance scene!

The Copper Cats with their feisty brass section, perform traditional New Orleans Jazz and blues. With Ali singing several French and Creole songs it is always a heartfelt and authentic, juicy New Orleans trad vibe.

The Gin Mill Genies are passionate about ‘pre electric' and piano-centric prohibition era blues, gospel and jazz. The band offer a chance to hear ancient Southern blues songs performed with prowess.

Bedlam Swing has a lively repertoire that ranges from the 1920s to the 1950s with many standards from the Great American Songbook. The band maintains their refreshing authenticity to the evocative and cheeky attitude of the early ‘Hot Jazz' age.


With an ever growing repertoire, Ali delights in exploring the jazz archives to find gems to share! - from saucy and fun, to dark and sinister, she is working hard to resurrect amazing forgotten songs and as an early jazz historian she enjoys sharing interesting stage chat in a bid to help keep this rich musical heritage alive!  

Passionate, expressive, unique and above all, refreshingly unpretentious...Ali Affleck is the real deal - a bona fide Jazz and blues vocalist with a heartfelt vintage twist. 

The News and Musings of Ali Affleck...


The Scottish Jazz Awards 2018 - ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ - nominee - Ali Affleck ‘
If you like my work then I’d definitely appreciate the vote- I like to make y’all happy with my Yankee/ Scottish-ness....Always a supreme pleasure to be nominated for ‘best vocalist ‘so thanks so much for that. The popular / best social media skills largest network will create the winners so for this ‘best vocalist award’ I’m not likely to win

However it would be lovely if you fancied dropping a wee vote my way . I’m trying to push my bands profile as high as possible and I’ve got quite a few big and exciting things still ahead this year

What a fabulous and varied bunch of singers (with hugely different styles and approaches - from free improv, classic jazz and soul to my old school trad phrasing ) on the nominee selection ...... yet I SINCERELY wish we In this super small jazz community would all work together a bit more??? That would be fab!

Anyway Here is the link :

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Delighted to be nominated again as ‘Best Jazz Vocalist’ in this years Scottish jazz awards !

if you like my work then do please vote and share :) forms are here:

Finalising my Edinburgh fringe run !

As ever, we are bringing you our highly acclaimed show. ‘One Night in New Orleans’ - the Speakeasy Sessions’. This show is growing every year ! 10 high energy shows featuring the most respected and gifted jazz musicians in town and led by American vocalist (and washboard player!) Ali. ‘The Copper Cats’ will be presenting a selection of the earliest jazz and blues songs ever written in their heavily improvised and fun fashion with Ali’s trademark historical chat :) plenty room for swing dancing!

Show two - The immortal Billie Holiday - heartfelt homage to the mighty Billie holiday 

Show three - Blues divas! - another wee jaunt back to the beginning of jazz and blues but this time the focus is firmly on the pioneering women who are so badly neglected and passed over today . We are bringing their stories and their songs back to life! 

Show four - Sirens of the 50s! - The powerhouse of Dinah Washington and  Nina Simone. Piano quartet celebrating the  queens of jazz and blues! 

We are super excited about these fringe performances ... updates to follow!


EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 2017!!!  SIX unique show runs!!

 and with some lovely recent views including this amazing title of "Scotland's bonafide Queen of vintage jazz and blues " ( ocweek) i feel a massive sense of responsibility! but I am ready for it!  

All star Scottish band will be Featured on every show! every show has a totally different setlist! and there is a 10% discount for those who attend than one show! 

I have spent years researching and building up to this years Edinburgh debut of  'The Birth Of the Blues ' two part show... I have uncovered such wonderful stories and wonderful forgotten songs... i cant wait to share them! 

The Birth of the Blues! - The Preaching Divas..... ...Part one of the amazing real life blues journey from 1800s to early 1900s! New Orleans, southern blues and gospel…/birth-of-the-blues-the-preac…

The Birth of the Blues! - The Divine Divas .........Part two! - 1900s to 1930! The ladies of this new music called the 'blues' lay the way for birth of jazz!…/birth-of-the-blues-the-divin… 

As usual i present the wild party that is The Speakeasy! with me my trusted Copper Cats! 

The Speakeasy Sessions - One Night in New Orleans..... 
THIS IS A RIOT! Ali and the acclaimed Copper Cats band transport you to the prohibition era!…/ali-affleck-s-speakeasy-sess… 

I am steeling myself for Angels /Demons  - it is a very emotionally charged show and each song is very close to my heart.. I will try not to cry ! 

Adoring Angels / Despairing Demons - The Greatest songs of Love and Loss 
.......highly emotional and soul caressing performance with an intimate jazz trio.…/adoring-angels-despairing-de… 

And no fringe festival can pass without my paying homage to the incomparable Lady in Satin.... 

Billie Holiday - a Celebration in Song....  
.....a heartfelt exploration of Lady Day's contribution to jazz and blues

And thrilled as ever i am to be with my lovely friend Dick Lee :)  

The Dick Lee Swingtet ........thrilled to work with Scotlands reeds maestro Dick lee - gypsy jazz flavours and simply swinging musicality

Hope to see you at one of these shows! x

Our BBC Showcase! 

Super exciting day yesterday! I performed with my and band The Copper Cats at the BBC Potterow tent! It was a live broadcast!!   see it here on iplayer -

Edinburgh Fringe! 

currently enjoying some amazing gigs with the Dick Lee Swingtet at Valvona & Crolla ....only about four shows left in the run so hurry along!.....then its five nights of  Ali Affleck and Vieux Carre time at the Jazz Bar! REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!   
                                   and THEN it is five nights of Ali Affleck and the Copper Cats at The Outhouse!!


I have just posted some films on my Facebook page too- please do and take a wee look :) 

Jazz Bar ! 

We had a BLAST at the Jazz bar last night!!!! Perfomed a couple of  new tunes - including a very cheeky ( and very ancient!) blues number!
I wil be posting some film from the evening really soon.....

We had a lovely guest join us on stage for a few tunes too - Jonathan Green...we wil have to have him perform with us again very soon! 

banjo banjo banjo 

.....I foolishly agreed that i would play banjo on a tune or two soon........ oh lordy....

i think until that fateful day  I will ask the amazing Duncan Findlay to bring hs banjo along to one of our upcoming shows... Duncan is truly a banjo master..... an absolute delight to hear on some of our breakneck speed tunes!

Very VERY excited about our Jazz bar  gig on July 17th.... STUNNING line up  for our pre-album launch teaser....( new album is called 'Indeedy I Do') 

At the Jazz bar will be- Dick Lee,  Chris Greive, Duncan Findlay, Ed Kelley, Campbell Normand and Ken's goning to be epic!


I am GIDDY with excitement that Ali Affleck and Vieux Carre are performing at so many festivals this year.....Particularly that we wil be at the Speigeltent for the EDINBURGH JAZZ AND BLUES FESTIVAL on JUly 25th at 6pm.  We will be sharing the stage with the festival FOUNDER Mr. MIke Hart!! what an honor indeed! wil be the FULL 7 piece band performing...... AND...TOM DAVIS - our original guitarist will be with us!!!

ARGH!!! it's almost too much to handle! Do come along and join in this crazily awesome event!!!


Jazz Bar 

Come see us at the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street , Edinburgh on Friday May 2nd...9 pm start...

Old timey tunes with some extra spicy blues thrown in for good measure......Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Piano, Guitar , Bass, Drums - what's not to love!

Live Jazz Bar footage 

Uploaded  a new film of our version of an Al Jolsen Classic 
Big thanks to the amazing guys performing here:
Dick Lee -Clarinet, Chris Greive - Trombone, Mike Nisbet - Guitar, Ed Kelley- Bass, Fraser Urquart - Piano, Kevin Dorian- drums ...Cheers to Bill K too!

Not the best sound quality but pretty darn good for an incognito phone recording! Thank-you so much Patrizia Henderson!

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The Gin Mill Genies

Eyemouth Hippodrome, Eyemouth

The Gin Mill Genies present the birth of the blues and early trad jazz with the ‘Preaching Divas’ project. An intimate, heartfelt and humorous look at the pioneering women of early blues and trad jazz, ‘The Preaching Divas’ has received rave reviews ever since it was first performed in NYC last year with star swing pianist Gordon Webster.

Award winning vocalist Ali Affleck is Accompanied by maestros Steve Hamilton on piano and Colin Steele on trumpet and collectively they will take you on a journey in celebrating historically pivotal, outspoken (and often quite racy!) songs from the late 1800s to the end of the prohibition era in 1933.

“I can think of no other young singer of Scottish Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award.”- BBC Jazzhouse

"Ali is Scotland's bonafide Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues - she means every word she sings’- ocweekly

"OUTSTANDING - A real masterclass in grassroots Jazz” - edinburgh49

The Jazz Bar Speakeasy

The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Our fabulous Speakeasy! New Orleans style Trad Jazz , Swing and pre-electric Blues....with special guests and a guaranteed joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans! We got all the bases covered for you Swing and blues dancers

Ali Affleck Meets the Big Easy band

the Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

The Big Easy is on tour and so Ali is meeting them for a wee knees up! The Big Easys dynamic, energetic and often virtuosic performances make them great to watch and perfect for dancing; their high-energy swing interspersed with moments of soulful-melancholy make them a great choice for a playful performance with Ali's unique Vocals!

The Jazz Bar Speakeasy

The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Our fabulous Speakeasy! New Orleans style Trad Jazz , Swing and pre-electric Blues....with special guests and a guaranteed joie de vivre spirit of New Orleans! We got all the bases covered for you Swing and blues dancers